Serving Hamilton for over 30 years.

Developing Ideas

Our shop at Hillcrest – Hamilton was first opened, by award-winning cheese makers Ben and Fieke Meyer, in 1986.

We, Hans, Addy and Brian Nieremeijer bought the shop from them in 1996 and moved it to its current location, by the Hillcrest roundabout, on SH1, just before you leave Hamilton. Our Rototuna – Hamilton shop was opened in 2006.

Whilst offering a wide range of products, both local and international, we suggest the right product for that special occasion. We will match your cheese with wine.

A Timeless Tradition


Nostalgia is also what we sell to our customers, remind them of tastes and products they haven’t seen in years, re-live their childhood or remember their last overseas trip

We love being in our shops, chatting to our customers, preserving the tradition of a small shopkeeper, being helpful, connected and knowledgeable. We want to make you feel there is something timeless and good about shopping with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question regarding one of our products or a comment related to our website.