Cumin Tasty

Cumin Tasty
New Zealand
New Zealand


$4.05 per 100g

Cumin Tasty - $4.05
A firm (oud belegen) cheese both with a strong cumin flavour throughout but also as the cheese sharpens and calcified salt cyrstals begin to form. Ideal for snacking and on crackers.

Storage Reccomendations

Fridge vegetable draw

Nutritional Information

  • Cow Milk
per 100g: Energy 1583kJ Protein 26.1g Fat total 30.8 - saturated 19.6g Carbohydrate total 0 - sugars 0 Sodium 710mg Calcium 700mg
per serving: Energy 475kJ Protein 7.8g Fat total 9.2g - saturated 5.9g Carbohydrate total 0 - sugars 0 Sodium 213mg Calcium 210mg

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